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I am focused on providing  Life Coaching & Spiritual Healing services with the highest level of customer satisfaction. I will do everything we can to meet your expectations with a variety of services to choose from a life coaching to chakra balancing. 

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The Full Story

Since developing my abilities, When I was only 8 years Old when I realized that I had this Supernatural gift it was during a Visit from one of my mothers Good friends, who had been barren for almost 10 years of her Marriage, and tried numerous Types of fertility options and had finally given up because of her Age, I passed by her and told her She was having a baby and what Does she want to name the little Boy and everyone became very Silent and told me that wasn’t Very nice and apologized. My Mother was very upset. Her friend started crying and was Very sad but within less than Three weeks, she found out she Was with a child, and it turned out to be a little boy. She came to me and told me that I have a gift, and I explained to her and to my Family members that I have felt Things like this before but I was Afraid to tell anyone, and that is When I started working along with My mother on developing my gifts and doing Meditation to Allow them to grow. I had not Known as a child that my Grandmother was a clairvoyant. But as My mother explained to Me that she had never received The gift down from my Grandmother, and how amazing This is that I was able to have that Passed on to myself. Since then I Strived in devoting Myself to Helping others around the world, From councilman and politicians to celebrities to My fellow Philanthropist. I have worked with Many DA offices as well in helping Solve cases, I have been rated as 1 of the top psychics in the Country.  I offer my services to people of all walks of life 


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